Osprey Medical Inc.’s patent information below is provided to satisfy the notice requirement for the virtual patent marking provision of the America Invents Act.

The following Osprey Medical products, and their use, may be protected by one or more United States patents as listed; as well as, US patent applications pending.  This list may not be all inclusive.

International patents and patent applications may also apply (not listed).

ProductModel NumberPatent(s)
DyeVert PlusHVOFF-RRS; LVOFF-RRSUS 9,320,846; US 10,010,673; US 10,022,497; US 10,279,104; US 10,335,539; US 10,835,670; US 10,842,933
DyeVert Plus EZHV-EZ-RRS; LV-EZ-RRSUS 9,320,846; US 10,010,673; US 10,279,104; US 10,335,539; US 10,835,670