DyeVert™ Power XT

Harness the Power, Protect the Kidneys 

The DyeVert™ Power XT is designed to optimize the amount of contrast media administered to the patient by automated contrast injectors during angiographic procedures.

DyeVert™ Power XT is a dye management solution for patients with at-risk kidney factors, including:

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Moderate and severe chronic kidney disease

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Older age

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Heart failure

Dye reduction

DyeVert™ Power XT reduces contrast dye delivery to the patient without compromising image quality.

Proven results

Clinical results show that DyeVert™ Power XT incrementally reduces contrast by an average of 34% when used with an automated power injector.1

Smart Bag

Smart Contrast Collection Bag digitally displays estimated diverted (saved) contrast volume.

1 Amorosa G, Jung C, Abell C. First European experience using a novel contrast reduction system during coronary angiography with automated contrast injection. EuroIntervention June 2020, vol 16, supplement AC: Abstracts Book PCR e-Course 2020, page 387. Poster Abstract No. Euro20A-POS426.

Indications, contraindications, warnings, and instructions for use can be found in the product labeling supplied with each device. Risks may include air emboli and infection.

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Uncompromised Imaging: Seeing is Believing

Injections into coronary arteries may result in excess reflux into the aorta that is not needed for imaging. DyeVert™ Power XT reduces contrast amount without compromising image quality. See for yourself.

Without contrast reduction

With DyeVert™ Power XT contrast reduction

DyeVert™ Power XT Technology Disposables

DyeVert™ Power XT Technology Set-Up

DyeVert™ Power XT Contrast Reduction System is easy to set-up and use with automated power injectors.