Take care of your HEART. And be kind to your KIDNEYS.
Martha's Story

The real value of treating
the HEART and the
KIDNEYS is the patient.

Be kind to your

Why Your Interventional Cardiologist Has Your Kidneys in Mind

When you have a cardiac procedure, you’re naturally focused on how your heart is doing. But your doctor is also thinking about the health of another organ: your kidneys. That’s because for some patients, interventional cardiology procedures can pose a health risk to the kidneys.

About Your Kidneys

Know how your kidneys function and why it’s important to your heart health.

Patients at Risk

Chronic kidney disease plus other health issues increase the risk of Acute Kidney Injury.

Kidney Kindness in the Cath Lab

The importance of protecting your heart and kidneys in the Cath Lab is significant.

Marthas Story

A 76-year-old great-grandmother with a love for life and family.

DyeVert PLUS EZ System

A new technology that lowers the amount of contrast dye delivered to your kidneys.

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